Root Canal Therapy in Aurora, IL

Root canals often have a misperception of being a very painful procedure, when in actuality root canal therapy reduces pain and inflammation and can save your tooth from an extraction. 

Our methods and procedures for treating root canals have improved dramatically with advancements in modern dentistry. Both Dr. Wang and Dr. Ma offer this procedure comfortably and conveniently in our Aurora, IL dental office. In most cases, having a root canal will feel very similar to a common dental filling.

If you feel anxious about your root canal, talk to us. We offer nitrous oxide sedation for our dental patients to calm your nerves.

illustration of tooth and root system | dentist aurora ilWhy Do I Need Root Canal Treatment?

We may recommend root canal treatment when a cavity progresses deep inside the tooth near your nerve or when a crack in your enamel allows bacteria to enter the inside of your tooth. The root canal relieves inflammation, one of the main sources of pain, and allows us to remove bacteria, diseased tissue, and damaged tooth structure from your tooth.

How Does A Root Canal Work in Aurora, IL?

We anesthetize your entire tooth for your procedure so that you don’t feel anything.

After creating a small access to your tooth’s internal structure, we will clean and sterilize the inside of your tooth and the canals. We will fill the canal with a rubbery material and place a temporary filling on your tooth to seal out bacteria.

You may feel a little sensitivity for a few days as your tooth heals. This is completely normal and should subside gradually until you feel like yourself again. Most often, you can treat any discomfort with an over-the-counter pain medication. If pain worsens or persists, please call our office.

In a couple of weeks, we will examine your tooth and check how you are healing. If the infection is completely gone, we will recommend a permanent restoration to protect your tooth.

After a root canal, your tooth may become brittle because we have removed the nerve and the blood supply. Typically, a dental crown will provide the greatest protection for your tooth, as it will absorb some of the force from chewing.

dentist showing xray | dentist in aurora ilWhy It Is Important to Save Your Natural Tooth

Sometimes patients wonder why we go through heroic efforts to save just one tooth. The simple answer is that it is usually the most affordable and best way to protect your oral health. Tooth loss may lead to bone loss, a misaligned bite, and additional tooth loss due to the gap in your smile.

By having a root canal, you could add decades onto the life of your tooth.

Checking-In After Root Canal Treatment

One of our dentists will follow up with you after treatment to make sure you are feeling well and to answer any questions that come up. We are happy to provide this service at no extra charge because we want you to feel well cared for.

Contact Our 60506 Dental Office if You Have Tooth Pain

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