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Dental Technology

Dentistry constantly changes and improves.

At Prairie Dental Care, Dr. Wang and Dr. Ma make it a priority to stay on top of the latest developments so that we can give you the best dentistry available. Here are some of the ways that technology makes your patient experience more accurate, more comfortable, and more enjoyable.

Digital Dental X-Rays

Digital x-rays reduce radiation exposure dramatically and provide our dentists with the highest resolution images available today while making them ultra-safe to use. We easily store digital images in your digital chart and can pull them up at the click of the mouse for side-by-side comparisons so we can monitor any changes to your oral health and wellness.

Digital imaging technology makes it fast and easy to submit x-rays with your insurance claims, expediting the benefit payment process.

Rotary Endodontics

Advancements in modern dentistry make it possible for more comfortable and accurate treatment. Rotary endodontics allow us to perform root canal therapy quickly and with greater accuracy, resulting in improved success rates. It is also much quieter and has less vibration than traditional endodontics, making the root canal process more comfortable for our patients.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas, is an extremely safe and mild form of sedation used to eliminate patient anxiety, reduce stress, and help you relax. It does not require a prescription and is safe for most patients of all ages.

Nitrous oxide enters your system through a small nose mask. Once we stop delivering the sedative, you will feel completely normal in just a few minutes, so you will not need to arrange for a ride home from your appointment.


Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera helps us show you what we see inside your mouth. This small, handheld device takes high-resolution images of single teeth or an area inside your mouth.

When we go over your dental conditions and treatment options, our intraoral camera pictures will help you understand what is going on inside your mouth so that you can make the best choices for your dentistry.

Digital Sensors

Digital sensors replace film used in old-fashioned dental x-rays. Modern dental sensors are a small and smooth part of our ultra-low radiation digital x-ray system. It takes only a few seconds to position the sensors and take a high-resolution image of your tooth, which is then used in the diagnosis of bone loss, decay, and even some cysts and tumors.

Digital Records

We store patient information under encrypted lock and key to protect your privacy. Digital records also make it easy for our dentists to share information with your insurance company or specialists at the click of a button. Because your information is stored on a timeline in our dental software, Dr. Wang and Dr. Ma can compare changes in your oral health that may progress over time and take action to avoid any potential dental conditions in their earliest stages.

Televisions in Rooms

Why not take a little break while you are with us and watch your favorite television show? Having televisions in treatment rooms provides a welcome distraction for our patients and makes time fly by while we take care of your smile.

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