Crowns and Bridges in Aurora, IL

Your teeth are hardy, and they can endure a surprising amount of force and daily wear and tear. You put your teeth through a lot each day, and they help you chew your food and speak whenever you need to. 

Our natural teeth do so much for us, and we can usually rely on each tooth to perform its function and get the job done. Sometimes, however, we can accidentally damage or injure our teeth. Tooth-related injuries happen all the time, whether from biting down on a portion of hard food, getting hit in the face while playing sports, or any number of other scenarios. Because our teeth do so much for us every day, we should return the favor and, in turn, do everything we can for our teeth. Do not be worried about any language barriers. Our team has Cantonese, Mandarin, and Spanish speakers.

What are Dental Crowns?How dental crowns are placed | Aurora IL Dentist

If you have a damaged tooth, don’t wait to get dental treatment! When your teeth sustain damage, it can make you hyper-aware of sensitivity and pain, your appearance, and your oral health. You need to repair your injured teeth so the injuries don’t spread, and so your teeth can get back to doing their jobs. 

At Prairie Dental Care, we provide dental restorations in Aurora, IL. Restorative dentistry is how dentists make repairs to teeth, extending their life and improving their function.

Our Aurora, IL dentists, Dr. Wang, and Dr. Ma take great care to provide comfortable dentistry and create dental restorations that look natural. If you have a broken smile, we can usually fix it with tooth crowns and dental bridges. To schedule a dental appointment or to learn more about dental crowns, please call us at (630) 907-0330.

Protect Damaged Teeth With Dental Crowns in Aurora, IL

Dental crowns are probably the most popular type of tooth restoration. Our dentists use crowns for teeth in Aurora, IL to repair damaged smiles and protect vulnerable areas in the mouth. Tooth crowns are versatile, secure, and typically very beautiful. 

A dental crown fits right over your natural tooth structure and repairs your tooth after it sustains damage due to decay, trauma, or root canal therapy. Our Aurora, IL dentists design tooth crowns that they believe will give you the best results and the highest chance at returning to a fully-functioning smile.

How do dental crowns help teeth function fully again? Dental crowns act as a cap or strong helmet to cover up and shield damaged teeth from further pain or injury. A cracked, chipped, or broken tooth is vulnerable when left as-is, but when covered up by a dental crown, that tooth is stronger, more durable, and less prone to additional damage. 

Dental crowns are an essential part of restorative dentistry because they provide a way for your natural teeth to stay in your mouth even if a tooth gets damaged. You need to keep as many natural teeth in your mouth as possible because each natural tooth contains roots that play a vital role in keeping your jaw bone healthy. Every time you lose a natural tooth, your jaw bone can get weaker, and your other teeth struggle to overcompensate. With dental crowns in Aurora, IL, all your natural teeth stay in place while still being protected and defended by tooth restorations. 

Dental Crowns to Match Your Gorgeous Smile

One of the biggest reasons we use tooth crowns for dental restorations is because of how subtly and naturally crowns for teeth can blend in with a natural smile. Many patients prefer ceramic tooth crowns that match the look and color of their existing teeth. Most patients want a healthy smile so that they can eat the foods they love and feel confident in the way they look without anyone else noticing their dental work. 

Tooth crowns in Aurora, IL accomplish this exact goal, restoring a smile to its former glory and providing the patient with a dental restoration that never screams, “Look at me!” Our dental crowns may be artificial, but they look entirely natural and work well alongside existing teeth to restore a damaged arch. 

If you receive crowns for teeth from our dental office, you can rest assured that our dentists will work hard to customize and modify your artificial tooth crowns until they meet your standards. We always want your dental restorations to enhance your smile’s natural beauty—not detract from it. 

Do you need crowns for teeth in Aurora, IL? Give us a call at (630) 907-0330 to schedule your dental appointment. 

The Simplicity and Ease of Dental Crowns

Your dental crown treatment generally requires two appointments. Your first dental appointment will allow us to prepare your tooth for your restoration. During this appointment, our Aurora, graphic of a dental bridge on a lower jawIL dentists will remove all traces of decay or damage and shape your tooth so that your dental crown fits over it. We will also create a temporary crown to protect your tooth while our dental lab creates your custom, permanent tooth crown.

Once your tooth crown in Aurora, IL is ready, we will schedule a time to attach it permanently to your tooth, check your bite, and make any final adjustments. After a few weeks of treatment, you will leave our dental office with a new and improved version of your tooth. 

Dental Bridges: A Solution for Missing Teeth in Aurora, IL

Another Aurora, IL dental restoration we offer at Prairie Dental Care is dental bridges. 

A dental bridge can fill in the gap in your smile created by tooth loss and provides an alternative to dental implants. A dental bridge can act as a space holder, filling in the gap to improve your self-confidence when you smile and prevent your remaining teeth from shifting.

A dental bridge consists of two tooth crowns attached to your healthy adjacent teeth to hold your artificial tooth in place. We create highly aesthetic dental bridges in Aurora, IL that will blend in with your natural teeth and will not be noticeable when you smile.

Similar to dental crowns, it will take two dental appointments to complete your dental bridge treatment. In the meantime, we can create a temporary dental bridge to protect your teeth until we are ready to place your final restoration.

Dental bridges require that you use special flossers or brushes to keep the area beneath and around your dental bridge clean. You will also need to avoid chewing excessively hard foods in the location of your dental bridge. Either Dr. Wang or Dr. Ma will show you how to take care of your dental bridge so you can protect your investment and your smile.

If you’re considering a dental bridge in Aurora, IL, feel free to contact our dental office. We will happily discuss your treatment options with you and help you decide if dental bridges are the best choice for your smile. 

Replace Missing or Damaged Teeth With Tooth Crowns and Dental Bridges in 60506

When you work with our clinical team at Prairie Dental Care, you allow us to provide you with the gentle, high-quality dental care you deserve. We would love to show you how dental restorations can make a difference in your smile. 

When you’re ready to replace your missing or damaged teeth with tooth crowns and dental bridges. Our office serves the communities of North Aurora, Sugar Grove, Geneva, Batavia, Oswego, and Montgomery IL, please reach out by calling (630) 907-0330.  You can find our dental clinic West of North Orchard Road on the corner of West Indian Trail & Village Center Parkway.