Dental Extractions in Aurora, IL

Dr. Wang and Dr. Ma are committed to the oral health of our patients and do their best to preserve your natural teeth. A dental extraction is usually a last resort.

We recognize that having a tooth removed may create some questions about the future of your oral health.

illustration of tooth | dentist in aurora ilDental Extractions at Our Aurora Family Dental Office

At Prairie Dental Care, we provide dental extractions without the need for a referral to a specialist. Most patients really appreciate the ability to get this service from dentists that they like, know, and trust. 

Both Dr. Wang and Dr. Ma are experienced and skilled when it comes to extractions. They also provide effective solutions to restore your smile using dental implants, dental bridges, partial dentures, or complete dentures, depending on what will work best for you.

We will take care of you while you recover and make sure that everything goes smoothly throughout your treatment.

When Dental Extractions Are Needed 

A dental extraction becomes necessary when no other treatment option will work. This might require an emergency dental appointment. The cause might be:

  • A failed root canal
  • A tooth broken at the gumline
  • Extensive bone loss
  • Serious periodontal disease
  • A dental emergency
  • Decay into the root

woman holding jaw from pain | Dentist in aurora ilWe strive to provide pain-free treatment. Both Dr. Wang and Dr. Ma are gentle, compassionate, and understanding. We offer nitrous oxide sedation for patients who experience anxiety.

We will remove your tooth, provide you with follow-up care, and make sure you have a plan for any discomfort. In many cases, over-the-counter pain medication will be enough to manage any post-surgery discomfort.

Replacing Missing Teeth in Aurora, IL

A gap in your smile may create problems with your bite, your speech, and your appearance. A missing tooth allows your remaining teeth to shift and can result in gum disease, sensitivity, decay, and bone loss.

We offer effective tooth-replacement options such as:

Dental implants – A dental implant can replace one tooth, or multiple dental implants can solve the problem of multiple missing teeth. They integrate with your jawbone and provide exceptional stability. Dental implants look completely natural.

A fixed dental bridge – A bridge holds an artificial tooth in place and keeps your other teeth from shifting.

Partial denture – A partial denture replaces multiple missing teeth and allows you to eat a wider variety of foods. Partial dentures will match your existing teeth.

Complete denture – A complete denture replaces all of your teeth on the top or bottom. We can design dentures that improve the appearance of your smile.

Post-Treatment Follow-Up

One of our dentists will give you a call on the evening after your treatment to check in and see how you are feeling and to answer any questions you may have. We offer this service at no additional charge.

Contact Our Aurora Dentist Office to Schedule an Emergency Appointment

We know that dental extractions can feel stressful. Our Prairie Dental Care team is here to ensure that your treatment is comfortable, effective, and goes smoothly. Contact us to learn more about dental extractions or schedule a dental exam to find out if an extraction will be right for you. We are nearby the areas of North Aurora, Sugar Grove, Geneva, Batavia, Oswego, and Montgomery IL. Our office is West of North Orchard Road on the corner of West Indian Trail & Village Center Parkway.