Sleep Apnea and Snoring Treatment in Aurora, IL

Oral appliance therapy is gaining popularity for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) because of its effectiveness and convenience. A sleep apnea oral appliance is a custom-designed device that treats mild to moderate sleep apnea and snoring.

It is an effective, comfortable, and durable alternative to CPAP (continuous positive air pressure) therapy or corrective surgery. Wearing an oral appliance as you sleep moves your lower jaw slightly forward and opens your airway by gently moving your throat tissue and tongue away from the back of your throat.

What Is OSA?

OSA occurs when your muscles and tissues relax during sleep, creating an obstruction at the back of your throat that causes loud snoring and cuts off the flow of oxygen. Patients may experience dozens or even hundreds of waking occurrences during the night – even if they have no memory of the incidents.

As a result, untreated obstructive sleep apnea may result in serious health conditions, including:Couple sleeping | dentist aurora il

  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Heart disease
  • Obesity
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Diabetes
  • Mood swings
  • Fatigue
  • Early death

Seeking treatment for obstructive sleep apnea can actually prolong your life and allow you to enjoy restorative sleep and the proper rest your body needs to function optimally.

Some of the symptoms of OSA include:

  • Waking up feeling tired
  • A sore throat
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Complaints from your partner about snoring
  • Falling asleep during the day
  • A change in overall health

man with sleep apnea mask | Dentist Aurora ilDiagnosing Sleep Apnea in Aurora, IL

Diagnosing OSA occurs with an at-home or overnight sleep study from an accredited sleep clinic. You can obtain a referral from your primary doctor. 

Often, the first line of treatment for OSA includes CPAP treatment. A CPAP machine uses a facemask to deliver air that keeps your airway constantly open. Many patients find CPAP therapy uncomfortable and cumbersome.

Oral appliance therapy provides an alternative approved by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Many people find appliance therapy to be more comfortable and discreet. Plus, it makes travel easier. If you have been diagnosed with OSA, Dr. Christine Wang and Dr. Xiaoyu Ma will help you determine if oral appliance therapy will work for you.

Personalized Snoring Treatment in the 60506 Area

Snoring can disrupt your partner’s sleep and make intimacy difficult. Oral appliance therapy provides a solution that allows you both to get a good night’s sleep without corrective surgery, a special pillow, or ineffective snore strips.

We custom design all our oral appliances to our patients' unique needs to give you the best fit and comfort. 

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