General Dentistry in Aurora, IL

In our Aurora, IL dental office, we offer preventive and general dentistry services for patients of all ages. Our compassionate dentists also contribute time to the community, participate in continuing education, and always want you to feel at home and cared for when you’re with us.

If you’re looking for comprehensive dentistry for yourself or the entire family, we invite you to contact a member of our dental team today to schedule exams. We always look forward to welcoming new patients to our dental office.

Meanwhile, we invite you to read through the questions below to learn more about our approach to preventive and general dentistry and our philosophies.

What is preventive dentistry?

Preventive dentistry is proactive. In other words, this arm of dentistry considers all the services and treatments designed to keep your teeth healthy for life.

The American Dental Association recommends two preventive dental exams per year and two teeth cleanings. This schedule has been shown to significantly reduce oral health risks like cavities, gingivitis, periodontal disease, and deep root infections. If you already have periodontal disease, your general dentist in Aurora, IL will recommend a more routine maintenance schedule and even a more customized brushing and flossing routine at home.

Your twice-yearly exam includes:

  • A complete oral checkup
  • A cancer screening
  • A comparison of oral health changes between visits
  • X-rays as needed

If you are prone to cavities or have specific oral health concerns, your dentist may recommend dental sealants or fluoride treatments to help keep your teeth healthy and free from cavities between dental checkups.

At Prairie Dental Care, Drs. Christine Wang and Xiaoyu Ma want to save you from oral health complications and costly treatments, which is why we follow proven preventive care guidelines.

man in a dental chair smilingWhat is your approach to general dentistry in Aurora, IL?

General dentistry is maintenance. Under this arm of dentistry, your Aurora dentists provide the treatments and services you need to restore your oral health when something is amiss. This can mean anything from a tooth-colored filling to treat a dental cavity to periodontal treatment to address periodontal disease.

Our general dentistry in Aurora, IL includes:

Will I need a root canal?

A root canal treatment relieves your toothache and helps restore that tooth to health. Unfortunately, root canals have an unfair reputation, but don’t be fooled! It is the root infection or tooth trauma that causes the pain, and the root canal treatment that sends that pain packing!

If you need a root canal, it means you have an infection or trauma deep in the root and pulp of your tooth. In many cases, this causes pain. Occasionally, if the nerve is no longer viable, you may not feel anything is amiss, and the infection is, instead, found during your routine exam. However, when a root infection does cause pain, it can be severe and ongoing.

Fortunately, your dentist in Aurora offers gentle root canal treatment to relieve your pain and restore your tooth to health. We also offer nitrous oxide to help you relax if needed and rotary endodontics for a more stable and comfortable root canal treatment.

Your dentist numbs the area, extracts the infected root and pulp, closes with a transient filling, and provides a permanent filling or dental crown at your next dental visit.

You may experience mild soreness for a day or even two days following root canal therapy, but this does not last. Most patients report immediate relief following the removal of the infected tooth root.

Why might I need a tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction can be a daunting thing to consider, but often it means a fresh start with your oral health. And if you need a tooth extraction in Aurora, IL, our team is here to support you from start to finish.

There are a variety of reasons you may need a tooth extraction, including:

  • Significant decay
  • Failed root canal
  • Encroaching or partially erupted wisdom teeth
  • A tooth broke below the gumline
  • As a precursor to orthodontics or full dentures

If you need a tooth extraction due to trauma, decay, or a failed root canal, we offer a variety of tooth replacement options in our dental office, including dentures, partial dentures, dental bridges, and quality dental implants in Aurora, IL.  

Our gentle dentists make sure you’re relaxed, and the area is numb before extracting your tooth.

Do you treat dental emergencies in Aurora, IL?

Yes, we make time in our schedule to treat dental emergencies. Our dentists never want you to risk your smile or suffer through a throbbing holding his jaw in pain

Signs of a dental emergency include:

  • Toothache
  • Jaw or face swelling
  • Blister on the gum
  • Tooth or restoration knocked out or loose
  • Broken dental appliance
  • Soft tissue injury
  • Object lodged between teeth

If your tooth is knocked out, we suggest collecting it, being careful not to handle the roots, and placing it in a glass of milk or saliva until your emergency dental appointment. With proper handling and timely intervention, your dentist may be able to reset the tooth. If too much time lapses, we do offer quality tooth replacement options.

If you’ve suffered a body trauma, we want you to head to the hospital first. You can contact our dental office when you have been declared safe by a medical professional.

While we do see injuries to the teeth, root infections are probably the most common reason for emergency dental visits.

The best way to lower your risks for root infections is to visit your dentist regularly for dental exams and professional teeth cleanings. It is also essential to brush and floss at least two times daily.

Other preventive measures include talking to your dentist if you grind and clench your teeth. And always wear a mouthguard when competing in sports.

The team at Prairie Dental Care wants to help you avoid dental emergencies because they can be painful and even cost you your smile!

Can you help me with periodontal disease?

family of 6 with their grandparents smiling outsidePeriodontal disease means you have infections deep in your gums—around the ligaments that support your teeth. This disease, left untreated, can lead to tooth loss and even systemic health and wellness complications. Fortunately, our dentists in Aurora, IL are here to help you stop the progress of this disease and restore your oral health.

Signs of periodontal disease may include:

  • Bad breath
  • Bleeding gums
  • Elongated teeth
  • Gum pocketing
  • Toothaches
  • Gum pain or redness
  • Loose teeth

Our periodontal treatment allows us to remove bacteria from your teeth and the area just below the gumline. We can also provide topical antibiotics and in-office cleaning sessions to help you. Your dentist may also recommend additional brushing and flossing sessions at home.

At Prairie Dental Care, we know that the thought of tooth loss can be scary, which is why our dentists rely on the latest research and technologies to help stop periodontal disease and save your health.

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