Traditional Dentures & Partials in Aurora IL

older couple smiling on couch | dentist aurora ilMissing teeth create a number of problems when you eat, speak, and smile. Dentures are one of the most time-tested methods of replacing missing teeth and have improved dramatically over the centuries.

If your parents or grandparents wore dentures, you probably have an image of big, boxy false teeth that fall out or move around without warning. Today’s dentures fit better, look more natural, and give patients a convenient way to replace many missing teeth at once.

Dr. Wang and Dr. Ma take their time when creating dentures for our patients. Both fit and esthetics play a role in the final outcome. Our goal is for every patient to enjoy a comfortable and functional smile.

Wearing Natural Looking Partial Dentures

If you still have some of your natural teeth, a partial denture can complete your smile. We will use your remaining teeth to anchor your partial denture in place and match it with your smile. 

Partial dentures come in a variety of materials, including lightweight acrylic, sturdy metal, and even flexible varieties. We will go over the options with you and determine which type of partial denture will give you the results you want.

Partial dentures may need an occasional adjustment. Bring your partial with you to your dental appointment so we can verify that it still fits perfectly and is free from damage.

Complete Dentures for Missing Teeth Replacementpartial dentures | Dentist in aurora il

If you have had all your natural teeth extracted, complete dentures will give you a full smile again. Dentures improve your dietary options and fill out your facial features, preventing the sunken appearance that comes with missing teeth.

In most cases, your complete denture will consist of a pink acrylic base with artificial teeth. Denture teeth come in a wide variety of sizes and colors, so we will have no problem choosing an option that looks great on you.

Even if you have complete dentures, you still need regular dental exams. In addition to checking the fit of your denture, we will also monitor your bone levels and perform an oral cancer screening.

How to Care for Your Dentures 

Dentures require sanitation and cleaning each morning and evening. Clean your denture with water and a denture brush and soak it in denture cleaning solution overnight, so you can have a fresh and clean denture to wear in the morning.

Make sure you remove your denture each night, giving your jaws and gums a rest from denture use.

In order to maintain the best oral health, it is still important for you to have a dental exam every six months. This gives us the opportunity to check the fit of your dentures, as it can change over time due to bone loss or weight fluctuations.

We will clean your denture at your appointment, so it feels like new!

Implant-Retained Dentures for Added Stability

Sometimes, complete dentures pose challenges when it comes to a proper fit. This is especially true with bottom (mandibular) dentures.

If your dentures move when you speak or eat, we can help. We can create dentures that lock in place using dental implants. Implant-retained dentures give patients additional stability and a wider variety of dietary options. They also eliminate embarrassing moments that can occur when your dentures move at the wrong time.

Contact Our Aurora Dentist Office for a Denture Evaluation

Whether you have ill-fitting dentures or you need a time-tested solution for your missing teeth, contact our Aurora, IL dental office. We will set up a time for you to chat with either Dr. Wang or Dr. Ma so that you can learn about all of your options. Our dental clinic is nearby the communities of North Aurora, Sugar Grove, Geneva, Batavia, Oswego, and Montgomery IL. You can find us West of North Orchard Road on the corner of West Indian Trail & Village Center Parkway.