Cosmetic Dentistry in Aurora, IL

Are you unhappy with the way your teeth look? Do you hide your smile in photos or stand in the back? Does meeting new people make you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth? Do you wish your smile could light up the room? If so, you may be the perfect candidate for cosmetic dentistry in Aurora, IL!  

At Prarie Dental Care, we help our patients discover the most brilliant versions of their smiles. We know that cosmetic dentistry can transform a dull, drab, or discolored set of teeth and make it something truly spectacular. Cosmetic dentists in Aurora, IL, Dr. Wang, and Dr. Ma, use a variety of dental treatments to achieve a look that is natural yet beautiful. If you want to improve your smile but aren’t sure where to start, we can recommend cosmetic dental services that fit your budget and goals. 

We currently offer the following cosmetic dental treatments: 

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Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is not only an investment in your smile but also your overall appearance. While you can purchase a basic teeth-whitening kit at your local drugstore, your results will be more noticeable and last longer if you work with a dentist and whiten your teeth professionally. 

We offer professional teeth whitening in Aurora, IL at Prairie Dental Care that you can complete in our office or in the comfort of your own home. When you're ready to brighten your smile, our cosmetic dentists will work with you to design your perfect shade.

You can complete in-office whitening in less than two hours if you need immediate results. Take-home whitening kits allow you to bleach your teeth at home over a couple of weeks.  Take-home bleaching also allows you to update your smile in the future whenever you like since you'll have custom-made bleaching trays. 

Tooth-Colored Fillings and Dental Crowns

Now you can get all the dental restorations you need without having to worry about having metal or silver in your smile. Our tooth-colored fillings and porcelain dental crowns make it possible to restore and subtly protect your teeth. Whether you have a small cavity that needs filling or you are looking for crowns to repair broken teeth, you can count on our tooth-colored dental restorations in Aurora, IL.

Composite resin is today's material of choice for dental fillings that provide both durability and aesthetics for your smile. Drs. Wang and Ma bond composite directly to your tooth, which helps avoid the breakdown you would experience with metal fillings that pull away from your tooth due to temperature changes in your mouth. Our dentists customize composite material to match your teeth and naturally complete your smile.

Porcelain crowns provide a reliable and appealing option for restoring decayed, cracked, or broken teeth. Ceramic porcelain has the translucency and appearance of a natural tooth while still providing all the functionality you rely on from your teeth. Our dentists may use crowns to repair one tooth or to restore multiple teeth in a smile makeover plan.

Invisalign Clear Braces

Invisalign in 60506 is an excellent treatment option for teens and adults who want a straighter smile without the hassle of wearing uncomfortable metal brackets and wires. Invisalign clear braces make it easy to straighten your teeth with custom clear plastic aligners. You'll align your teeth without the discomfort of pokey braces.

In order to achieve your desired results, you'll need to commit to wearing your aligners for at least 22 hours every day. You'll move on to the next series of aligners every two weeks. Compliance with treatment guidelines is the best way to achieve the straighter smile you want in the least amount of time.

Our patients love Invisalign because it allows them to straighten their teeth with the utmost discretion. Because aligners are removable, there are also no restrictions on the foods you can enjoy during your treatment; and brushing and flossing at home doesn't change. 

Do you wonder if you're a good candidate for clear braces in Aurora, IL? The best way to determine if Invisalign might be right for you is to have an evaluation with Dr. Wang or Dr. Ma. They will use x-rays and photos of your teeth to help you decide if clear braces will work for you and also to create a treatment plan for your new smile.

During your evaluation, they will give you an estimate of how long it will take to straighten your teeth and exactly what the cost will be. Our financial team has many suggestions on how you can comfortably fit your new smile into your budget.

To learn more about orthodontic treatment with Invisalign, or your payment options, please give our dental team a call today at (630) 907-0330 to schedule an evaluation.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers make it easy to have a flawless smile—no matter how imperfect your natural teeth might be! Dental veneers in Aurora, IL can hide blemishes and flaws such as cracked, chipped, oddly shaped, or discolored teeth. Veneers can even fill in gaps or spaces between teeth and correct small alignment issues.

If you’re looking for a full smile makeover or want to redesign portions of your smile, porcelain veneers are an excellent treatment choice because they allow you to change the shape, size, and color of your teeth. You might be surprised to learn that many of the Hollywood smiles you admire are enhanced with porcelain veneers. 

You'll be happy to know that porcelain veneers are simple to care for. You can brush and floss your teeth as you did before, and with regular checkups and a consistent home care routine, you'll be able to enjoy your veneers for many years.

Tooth Replacement With Dental Implants

Are gaps and spaces due to missing teeth marring your smile? Dental implants may be the solution you're looking for!

Modern dentistry considers dental implants the gold standard for tooth replacement since they replace both your lost root and tooth. Replacing a lost root is important because it protects you from the bone loss that occurs when you lose a tooth. Lack of bone support can impact your neighboring teeth and even change the appearance of your face. Restoring your missing tooth keeps surrounding teeth from drifting into the open space.

Patients love the natural look, function, and feel of a dental implant because it closely mimics their tooth. Dental implants are also a highly successful treatment option with an impressive success rate of 95 percent. Implants provide excellent longevity since they have the potential to last for a lifetime.

If you're considering tooth replacement options for your smile, Dr. Wang and Dr. Ma would love to guide you through the process. Contact Prairie Dental Care for more information on how we can help you with tooth implants.

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