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How We Treat Dental Emergencies With Root Canal Therapy

April 10, 2020
Posted By: Prairie Dental Care
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Dental emergencies can happen unexpectedly, and can often be accompanied by severe tooth pain.

At Prairie Dental Care, we treat our patients as soon as we can—usually the same day. Dental pain is not normal; it's better not to try to wait it out or hope it gets better. Throbbing tooth pain could indicate a dental issue that will only get worse (and more costly).

When Is an Emergency Root Canal Necessary?

If a tooth is severely damaged—from infection, disease, or decay—it may require a root canal to save the tooth. During the root canal, emergency dentists Drs. Christine Wang and Xiaoyu Ma remove the infected pulp within the tooth, get rid of any harmful bacteria, and fill the tooth with a durable filling. The treated tooth should function and feel like a regular tooth, just be careful not to grind on it. 

This dental procedure can be done over two visits to our Aurora dental office under local anesthetic. Your dentists at Prairie Dental Care are highly skilled and trained in root canals and other necessary dental procedures that improve your quality of life. 

Are Root Canals Painful?

Root canals have a scary reputation, but the truth is they aren't any more painful than a cavity, and they relieve the pain felt from an infected tooth pulp. Dr. Wang and Dr. Ma will thoroughly numb the surrounding area so the patient will not feel any stress or discomfort. 

As with some surgical procedures, there may be some discomfort in the following days as the body heals itself. This is a normal reaction and should be mild to moderate.

See Us If You Have Any Dental Pain

A root canal may be a dental emergency if the infected tooth is getting worse. The longer you delay seeing your emergency dentists at Prairie Dental Care, the likelier your tooth will need to be extracted to save neighboring teeth from further infection. If you already feel tooth pain, you'll only prolong your suffering. Emergency root canals account for over 300,000 ER visits!

Your Aurora, IL emergency dentists, Dr. Wang, and Dr. Ma are always available to assist patients. You do not have to be a current patient to see us, although we hope you choose to stay. 


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