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Fractured Tooth Repair

If you broke a tooth from trauma, or even eating something, that is considered a dental emergency and should be handled immediately. If caught soon enough, sometimes all you might need is a tooth colored filling or a dental crown. More severe cases mean extraction or root canals, which happened in this case.

Emergency Dental Appointment Before & After

The patient bit down on a piece of hard food and broke off the majority of an upper front tooth. He contacted Prairie Dental Care immediately, and we were able to save some structure. Root canal therapy was done to repair the compromised tooth. After, we had a post created and placed a dental crown on top of the area. We made sure to match the tooth perfectly, so no one can tell it is a crown!

Need A Root Canal? Call Prairie Dental Care

If you are experiencing a dental emergency like a broken tooth or a toothache, contact us immediately. Putting a situation like that off for too long can result in needing more dental work than before. Our dental office is always accepting new patients. We are nearby the North Aurora, Sugar Grove, Geneva, Batavia, Oswego, and Montgomery IL communities. Our office is open on Saturdays has Spanish, Cantonese and Mandarin speakers! Book here.

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