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I already have a filling/crown. How can I still get a cavity?

Man Sitting in dental chair | Dentist Aurora ILRestorations restore the structure of your teeth, but they do not prevent decay. While you can’t get a cavity on the actual filling or crown, the margins and the rest of your tooth can still sustain decay.

Secondary Decay

When you have a filling or crown on a tooth and decay occurs, this is called secondary decay. It usually happens around the margins of a crown, near your gumline. It can also happen if your crown has been damaged due to an accident or because of teeth grinding. It only takes a microscopic break to allow bacteria in.

In the case of a filling, secondary decay can occur anywhere on the tooth. It might be near your filling, or it could be between your teeth or on another part of your tooth.

Discovering the Extent of the Cavity on Tooth  

We will take a digital x-ray so that we can determine the extent of the decay, and that way, we will know how best to treat you. You may need an additional filling or a whole new crown, depending on the damage. Your treatment options will depend on your situation. Either Dr. Wang or Dr. Ma will discuss this with you. Even with a filling or crown, good home care with brushing and flossing is essential. Contact our dentist office in Aurora, IL for more information. 

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