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What should I do during a dental emergency?

Anytime you have an urgent dental problem that concerns you, the first step is to call your emergency dentist in Aurora, IL. You may be upset or have severe tooth pain that can make it difficult to think clearly. Just call Prairie Dental Care, and a caring member of our team will listen to your concerns, provide reassurance, and determine whether or not we need to see you right away.

Common Dental Emergencies 

  • Mild to severe tooth pain
  • Broken or fractured tooth
  • Lost dental crowns or filling
  • Infected tooth or dental abscess
  • Broken or damaged denture
  • Food stuck between teeth
  • A tooth that feels loose
  • Trauma, including knocked-out tooth

Of all of these, severe tooth pain, dental abscesses, and knocked-out teeth are the most critical and require immediate attention. A throbbing toothache can be a sign of a deep cavity or infection that requires a root canal to relieve your pain and save your tooth. With a knocked-out tooth, we have only a couple of hours in which we have any hope of successfully re-implanting it.

Contact Our Aurora Dental Clinic

While dental emergencies like a mild toothache, broken tooth, or lost crown are not urgent, our emergency dentists in Aurora, IL need to address them as soon as possible. Call us at (630) 907-0330, so we can evaluate your needs and schedule you for our next available appointment.

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