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What are some of the reasons for dental extractions?

illustration of dental extraction | Aurora IL dentistMost dentists will do whatever they can to save a tooth, and extraction is always a treatment of last resort. But sometimes dental extractions are necessary to protect the health of the rest of the teeth in your mouth, and this is not something we take lightly at our Aurora, IL dental office.

Why a Dentist Might Recommend Dental Extractions

  • Gum disease. Teeth that have become loose because of gum disease that has been left untreated often need to be extracted.
  • Trauma. Anyone who suffers a blow to the mouth or who is involved in an automobile or sporting accident might need an extraction if a tooth is badly damaged.
  • Deep decay. If tooth decay is too far gone for either a dental filling or dental crown, extraction may be the only answer.
  • Wisdom teeth. These third molars, which most people get when they are in their late teens or early twenties, are no longer necessary for our modern lifestyles. When they are problematic, such as impacted or decayed, extraction is the best solution.

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