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Are extractions painful?

At Prairie Dental Care, we place patient comfort first. Dental extractions should not be painful. Though patients may feel pressure as the dentist performs the extraction, the mouth will be under local anesthetic, preventing the patient from feeling any pain.

Why Would I Need An Extraction?

Extractions are usually done as a last resort to prevent health risks. We might also extract teeth to make room for things like implants and dentures. Typically we will do everything in our power to protect and save a natural tooth to keep it in the patient's mouth. 

We do this because teeth are essential for the mouth's function and do important things like keep other teeth straight.

If an infected or damaged tooth cannot be saved, then extraction is preferable to leaving the damaged tooth in the mouth, where it can cause infection in the gums and jaw.

Tri-lingual Dental Extraction Professionals

Dr. Xiaoyu Ma, Dr. Christine Wang, and their professional team provide pain-free dental extractions to the greater North Aurora area, including Sugar Grove, Batavia, Oswego, and Montgomery. 

We happily serve the Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese-speaking communities of IL. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our dentists.

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