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Time for Your Child’s First Dental Visit? How to Help Them Avoid Dental Anxiety

November 11, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Christine Wang
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Did you have a negative dental experience in childhood? If so, even now, you may find visits to the dentist challenging or even impossible, and you probably find that your oral health suffers as a result of your anxiety.

No parent wants this for their child, and today, dentists who treat children have all sorts of clever ways to reassure and comfort them. Each positive visit builds on the last so that eventually your little one will be receptive to and even enjoy their appointments for children’s dentistry in Aurora, IL.

Until then, there’s plenty you can do as a parent to help set the stage for successful, stress-free dental visits for your child. 

Bring Your Child to Your Appointment

Help your son or daughter get accustomed to dental visits by bringing them with you to your next appointment. Or, if they have an older sibling, bring your little one so they can check out the new surroundings without any pressure on them to behave a certain way. 

Don’t Share Your Anxiety

If you have dental anxiety, the best thing you can do is keep it to yourself. You know that kids pick up on everything you say and do whether you think they’re listening or not—so keep your negative thoughts and feelings about dentistry to yourself. 

Use Encouraging Words

Dentists don't use words like “shot,” “hurt,” or “pain” when talking to your child, and you shouldn't either. Instead, use positive, encouraging words like “sugar bugs” or “happy teeth,” so they don’t feel threatened.

Trust a Children’s Dentist in 60506

You can find plenty of dentists who treat kids, but your best bet is to find a children’s dentist who understands that your son or daughter has unique needs. If you already have a family dentist who enjoys working with children, you’re off to a great start! 

At Prairie Dental Care, we’re dentists and parents who understand what children need to feel safe and secure in our care. We provide personalized children’s dentistry in Aurora, IL, and you can be confident that we will treat your precious child as if they were own.

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