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Getting a Dental Crown in Aurora, IL? Here Are 3 Foods to Avoid to Protect Your Investment

October 1, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Xiaoyu Ma
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You've just completed your new dental crown! You're excited about how it blends seamlessly with your smile, and you're ready to try it out on an evening out to dinner with your family.

Now that you've made your investment, however, it's essential to know how to protect it. Here are some of the foods you should be aware of when you're utilizing your new dental crown in Aurora, IL.

Sticky, Chewy Candies or Foods

You probably aren't planning to run out and indulge in chewy taffies or caramels, but how about that steak you like to enjoy? Even chewy meats can pull of dental crowns, so be sure to cut your steak into small pieces before you eat it.

Also, do watch out for sticky chewy candies.

Hard, Crunchy Foods

Do you enjoy raw vegetables, such as carrots or celery? Do you like to eat an apple now and then? We don't want you to eliminate fresh vegetables or fruits from your diet, but rather be aware that they can potentially crack or fracture both your dental crown and your natural teeth. Cutting hard vegetables and fruits into slices or bite-size pieces allows you to enjoy them while also protecting your teeth. 

Also, beware of hard, crusty bread and choose smaller slices or pieces.

Popcorn, Nuts, or Seeds

Be careful when eating hard nuts, popcorn, or seeds. Biting down on a nut or kernel can crack or fracture your tooth. Small seeds can get lodged under your crown and cause discomfort, or something much worse like an infection.

A Word About Chewing on Ice

Don't do it! Chewing on ice is a bad habit that can cause fractures for both dental crowns and your natural teeth. Break yourself of this habit as soon as possible.

If you have questions or concerns about dental crowns in Aurora, IL, or any other aspects of your dental health, we are happy to help! Contact your team at Prairie Dental Care today for more information.


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