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Why Teeth Cleanings Are Vital to Your Health

January 18, 2021
Posted By: Prairie Dental Care
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Maintaining optimum oral health requires a proactive approach to your dental care. In addition to daily brushing and flossing, another vital part of your dental health routine should include professional teeth cleanings and dental exams. Not only do cleanings and exams keep your teeth beautiful and bright, but they also help prevent infection, cavities, and disease from wreaking havoc on your oral health.  

What Is Preventive Dentistry?

Preventive dentistry helps your dentist and hygienist detect, monitor, and treat potential dental health risks while also preserving your mouth’s essential function and natural appearance. When you receive regular teeth cleanings, your dentist can track your oral health and compare it to your previous visits. If your dentist notices even the slightest deviation from your norm, he or she will immediately intervene and find a treatment option that’s best for you and your specific needs. 

How Do Teeth Cleanings Help?

When we eat or drink, plaque forms and sticks to our teeth. If we don’t brush, floss, and get professional cleanings, plaque can accumulate and harden, creating what’s known as tartar or dental calculus. Dental calculus can cause severe tooth decay and damage your tooth’s enamel beyond simple repair. 

Getting teeth cleanings from your dentist is the most effective way to maintain a healthy smile and prevent oral health issues from occurring. A licensed hygienist uses specialized equipment to thoroughly remove plaque buildup, which can e your teeth from a potentially painful condition or life-threatening disease. Regular dental check-ups and teeth cleanings prevent and resolve numerous oral health concerns such as:

  • Cavities 
  • Chronic bad breath 
  • Gingivitis (early stage of gum disease)
  • Periodontal disease (advanced gum disease) 
  • Oral cancer
  • Bone loss in the gums 
  • Teeth grinding 

Our team at Prairie Dental Care can identify and prevent oral health issues from progressing so your smile can stay healthy and strong. 

Protect Your Smile with Teeth Cleanings in Aurora, IL

Our team at Prairie Dental Care values personalized care so each patient can achieve their smile goals in a comfortable and supportive environment. From general and preventive dentistry to specialized care, Dr. Wang and Dr. Ma can help you and your family achieve beautiful, healthy smiles that will last a lifetime. Prairie Dental Care offers preventive dentistry to the following areas: North Aurora, Sugar Grove, Geneva, Batavia, Oswego, Montgomery, and beyond.  

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