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How Preventive Dentistry Saves You Time and Money

August 16, 2021
Posted By: Prairie Dental Care
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Preventive dentistry is a collaborative effort between you and your Aurora, IL dentists, Drs. Christine Wang and Xiaoyu Ma. While they provide the exams and teeth cleanings recommended by the American Dental Association, your role is to keep your teeth healthy between dental visits.

In our dental office, we emphasize prevention because it saves you time and money in the long run by mitigating your risks for tooth decay, root infections, and even gingivitis and gum disease. All of these oral health complications require dental intervention. And some—like gum disease—require ongoing treatments to save your teeth and prevent systemic health complications.

Preventive Dentistry near Montgomery, IL

By visiting your dentist twice yearly for checkups and teeth cleanings, you can achieve and maintain healthy teeth and gums for life.

Each six-month dental visit includes:

  • A Comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums
  • An oral cancer screening
  • X-rays as needed
  • Professional teeth cleaning

Through comprehensive examinations, your dentist can diagnose emerging issues before they put your oral health at risk. This includes gingivitis, an early precursor to gum disease. Your dentist can reverse gingivitis. However, periodontitis is only treatable through ongoing dental care. Catching it early saves you time and money.

Your oral cancer screening allows for the early diagnosis of oral cancers. When caught early, oral cancer typically has a better prognosis compared with advanced disease.

X-rays allow your dentist to uncover hidden issues like emerging cavities between teeth and issues not visible through an examination.

Professional teeth cleanings eliminate the ingredients that lead to cavities and oral health complications. In addition, ridding your teeth and gums of resistant plaque, bacteria, and tartar every six months is ideal for ongoing oral health.

During your six-month dental visit, we encourage you to ask questions and share your concerns with your Aurora dentist or a member of our helpful team. You can also get advice for best practices at home, including brushing, flossing, and nutritional information.

A Healthy Smile Starts with Excellent Oral Hygiene

Searching for a dentist near me, you'll find a team like ours at Prairie Dental Care that recommends brushing and flossing at least twice each day, but we agree that doing so after every meal is even better!

The idea is to prevent debris from remaining on teeth for long, especially throughout the night. These can form plaque, which leads to cavities and other oral health complications.

When you brush your teeth, you should clean all surfaces, including behind your teeth, and you should spend time—at least two minutes.

With flossing, it’s important to use a fresh piece each time you move between the next two teeth. Otherwise, you're only moving bacteria around.

Another important component of oral hygiene is nutrition and habits. If you use tobacco, for example, consider quitting. Smoking has been linked to dry mouth, oral cancers, and gum disease.

If your diet is high in sugar and acidity (snacks, fruit juices, certain sports drinks, and soda), consider cutting back or adding another brushing and flossing session to your routine.

toothbrushWhen to Consult Your North Aurora Dentist

Right now, so many fads and internet products for at-home care are cropping up all the time. We strongly urge our patients to contact our dental office before trying anything new.

For example, many over-the-counter teeth whitening systems, including charcoal, can be too abrasive for your teeth and gums. Before our dentists give the go-ahead for teeth whitening, we always make sure your oral health is up to the task—and we know which ingredients are best. When you go it alone or rely on something you’ve purchased online, you can't know if the treatment will be safe and reliable.

Before replacing your floss with a water pik or your professional teeth whitening with a recipe found on an internet blog, we encourage you to contact us first. Regular dental exams and trusted treatments provided by dental experts can save you time and money in the future.

Also, if you notice oral health changes, including tooth sensitivity or sores that don't heal, we want to hear from you.

Preventive Dentistry in Aurora Means a Healthier Smile for You

Excellent dental care, coupled with routine brushing and flossing at home, is your best course for a healthy smile.

If you'd like to schedule a dental exam and teeth cleaning, or if it’s time for your next checkup, a helpful staff member is standing by to get you started.

Drs. Christine Wang and Xiaoyu Ma serve patients in all locations, including North Aurora, Sugar Grove, Geneva, Batavia, Oswego, Montgomery, IL, and in your area too. We also speak English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Spanish in our dental office.

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