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Do root canals hurt?

Root canals relieve pain from an infected tooth and relieve symptoms associated with inflammation caused by infection.  

We complete root canals under local anesthesia and keep your tooth completely numb throughout your procedure. 

We use precision rotary endodontic instruments, resulting in the least invasive treatment possible. Both Dr. Wang and Dr. Ma are experienced with root canal therapy and with providing gentle dentistry for every procedure.

It is normal to have some post-procedure discomfort or sensitivity for a couple of days after treatment, and this can usually be controlled with over-the-counter pain medicine. Within a few days, sensitivity should subside dramatically, and within a week, you should feel like yourself again. After proper time for healing, we will have a follow-up appointment and place a restoration to seal and protect your tooth.

If swelling or pain persists, we are here to help! Call us right away and we will evaluate your condition and make sure your tooth is healing properly.

If you feel nervous about having a root canal, you are not alone. Many patients feel the same way you do. We offer nitrous oxide sedation to promote relaxation during your appointment. Let us know if you would like nitrous oxide for your procedure.

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