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Why do I need a deep cleaning? Can't I just have a regular cleaning?

We recommend deep cleanings when tartar collects deep beneath your gum line and causes an infection, irritation, or swelling. This typically occurs due to poor home care or missed dental cleanings, and it may be worse for patients with a poor diet.

We know that patients all have different access to have dentistry, and no matter what your current oral health status is, our team at Prairie Dental Care will help you get back on track.

A deep dental cleaning addresses areas where brushing, flossing, and even a regular dental cleaning cannot reach. Because tartar calcifies on your enamel, removing it requires a special type of dental cleaning, advanced techniques, and sometimes medications to improve your oral health. When tartar is allowed to remain in place, the result is the accumulation of more tartar that attaches deeper to the root surface and causes chronic inflammation of the gum tissue.

Advanced gum disease often takes many years to progress to the point where you suffer tooth loss, but it can affect other aspects of your overall health, such as heart health and diabetes. Gum disease during pregnancy is associated with low birth weight in babies. The end result is a loss of the bone that surrounds your teeth, loosening of your teeth, and lost teeth.

Tooth loss leads to many other oral health problems including a misaligned bite and ongoing tooth loss.

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