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3 Orthodontic Problems Invisalign Can Correct

Close up of a woman putting clear braces on top teeth | Dentist Aurora IL

When you think of Invisalign, you probably think of straight teeth, and you should! But there’s more to these clear, plastic aligners than a radiant smile. In the hands of a skilled dentist or orthodontist, like those at Prairie Dental Care, Invisalign can also correct orthodontic problems that lead to pain and early tooth loss.

Invisalign is cosmetic dentistry with orthodontic benefits built right in! Here are a few ways Invisalign helps correct orthodontic problems.

Invisalign Can Fix Your Bite

Bite problems, referred to as malocclusions, can change your facial profile or the way you speak. When your bite is off, wear on teeth and strain on your jaw can even lead ...

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